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In-Store Fun

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What’s a Gamery, you ask? Why, its a cafe that serves up your favorite games and puzzles. And with over 200 games and puzzles to choose from, what are you waiting for? Head on over and get that brain of yours some substance!

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Pokemon Club

Pokemon Club is every Tuesday from 5pm – 6pm. Come in and trade or battle – or watch battles while building your perfect deck. All ages are welcome and it’s totally Free. Bring your own cards – and imagination!

Members Library

Join and borrow from our extensive library of games, puzzles, and technical tools to complete our fun activities on your own! Bring the items back in 2 weeks and earn Points!

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Meet the Designer Game Days, Author Book Signings, Tea Parties, Hula Hoop contests. These are just a few of the special events we hold throughout the year. NEXT EVENT: Spring Clearance Sale!

In the store, customers can try out new games and building toys.

Leedom Street Games is a classic neighborhood toy store. There are tables for families to sit down together to learn and play games. The target is set up for archery at all times (suction cup arrows, of course), and the wooden train set is out as well. Leedom Street Games first opened its doors in 2008 as Rhinoceros Toy Store. Owner and Jenkintown resident, Kate Pettit, actually owned a custom design bridal salon in the same location first. When the Jenkintown Hobby Shop closed, Kate realized that Jenkintown needed a toy store more than a bridal salon. So, she changed the store from gowns to games and hasn’t looked back. In the store, customers can try out new games and building toys. There are hula hoops (hand made on-site) that customers can try out as well as juggling sticks. Leedom Street Games also offers a unique family program: the Members Library, formerly known as Club Rhinoceros, which allows members to bring home games and puzzles – library style.


We sell games designed for maximum fun! Check out some of our favorites!


12 months – 2 years
It’s a classic stacking toy – with a twist! Just place the ring on the spindle and watch it spin to the bottom. Interactive action and reaction! Then, lift the spindle from the base and they keep spinning off. Babies and toddlers (and some parents, apparently) are fascinated with this toy.


2 years – 7 years
Single most mind-opening building toy on the market (in my opinion, of course). As soon as your child turns a block to the side, dropping on inside of the other, they will be amazed at the sculptures they can create!

Spooner Board

6 years – adult
A surf board for dry land. Yea. So fun! Surf on any down hill surface: sand, dirt, grass, snow. Indoors, use it as a practice board for skate board tricks and balance. For older kids, and adults, who are looking for more athletic dry-land surfing — check out the Yard Board!


5 years – adult
Down load the free App and make your own stop motion videos with these posable figures. Super fun – hours of entertainment for all ages. You can use a green screen and change the background of your movie, add sound like background music and dialog. Excellent creative play!